Large Family Genealogy Research

FBI (Family Bureau of Investigation) WANTED Posters

The Following LARGE's Are WANTED but, at present, are Lost In HISTORY.    Your Help Is Needed to Locate or Provide Clues Leading to Their Capture.        Refer your disclosures that solve these mysteries to :

#1 William Large Disappeared and Presumably Died in New Jersey William Large and his wife arrived in Hingham, Massachusetts by ship from England in 1635. He and his wife moved from Hingham, Massachusetts to Cape Cod, then to Long Island and from there to New Jersey where it is thought that he died about 1690. However, no official goverment, town, land, church or cemetery record has ever been found to document his whereabouts after leaving Hingham. Any of these official verifyable documents establishing his whereabouts after leaving  Hingham, Massachusetts would be much appreciated by a great many Large Family researchers throughout the United States. Posted Reward $100.

#2 PARENTS of son Joseph Large who was Born in 1807 in New Jersey  Joseph Large remained single prior to 1837. He moved to Clinton County, Ohio where he married Nancy Fugate on 15 May 1837. In 1830 Joseph was 23 years old. We know from Census records that Joseph's parents were born in New Jersey. Searching the first US Census records for New Jersey (1830) we find only 3 Large's who had someone living in their household between the ages of 20 and 30 they were:                                          a) John Large of Amwell Twp. (Wife's name was Sarah)                                        b) James Large of Amwell Twp.                                                                               c) Samuel Large of Bethleham Twp.

Of the three we think it is more probable that Joseph's father was John Large for the following reasons : 1) Joseph names his first born son "John", his first born daughter "Charity", and another daughter had a middle initial of R which could stand for "Rebecca" 2) Joseph never named any of his sons James or Samuel. What is wanted is some official government, town, land, church, Bible or other record that would definatively link Joseph Large to his father. POSTED REWARD $120 !   4/10/09 THIS REWARD Has Been Claimed in just over 3 Month's time. The Genealogy Professional that broke the case was Loretta Wallace who specializes in research in the Philadelphia, PA area. We highly recommend her: email . Loretta located a Will of John Large in West Amwell, Hunterdon County, NJ dated 20 April 1859. Mentioned in the will was his wife, "to my wife SARAH". Also identified is: my son JONATHAN LARGE (deducting expenses paid toward his funeral)
to the heirs of MY SON JOSEPH LARGE, - - -
I give to my living children (except JOSEPH LARGE)
daughter HETTY LARGE

#3 Father of the above John Large John Large was born in 1776 in New Jersey according to the 1850 census. His mother was Rebecca Throckmorton who married Mr. Large. But who is this Mr. Large? Some have posted that it was a George Large but have absolutely no proof and can not even say where they came up with this name of George? What is wanted is some official government, town, church, Bible or cemetery record that would identify the first name of this Mr Large. Posted REWARD $500 ! 

#4 Joseph (b 1807) and Nancy Large Death Records or Gravesites     We have excellent records tracing Joseph and Nancy from their marriage in Clinton County, Ohio in 1837 to their life in Pipestone, Berrien County, Michigan which began about 1845 and ended 30 years later with their migration to Texas in 1875. After five years in Texas we have our last glimpse of this pioneer couple as they are captured in the 1880 US Cenus for Precinct 1 (Fort Worth?), Tarrant County, Texas.  Joseph is listed as 73 years old and Nancy as 72. They are living next door to the families of their eldest son John Large and their daughter Cerepta Agnes Pope. Twenty years later we find the families of their son John and Cereptha's oldest daughter Alice Lewallen living in Indian Territory Oklahoma. Alice's first born child Clara is shown as having been born in Indian Territory with a birth date of July 1885. Thus, it is strongly implied that John Large may have moved to Indian Territory soon after the 1880 Census. If this is the case, it is possible Joseph and Nancy were still alive and moved with him. One Large Family genealogy record indicates Nancy Large died about 1888 in Kemp, Indian Territory. What is wanted is some official government, town, church, Bible or cemetery record that would identify Joseph and/or Nancy Large's deaths or burial records. Posted REWARD $500 !  

#5 Surviving Twin Large Whereabouts After 1893 Lehigh, Coal Co. OK Lewis Large married Georgia Ann Huggins 26 June 1882 in Hamilton, Texas. One son, Franklin was born born in Hamilton in 1884. Another son John was born in Indian Territory Oklahoma in 1891. Twin girls were also born before Mar 1893 but it is not known where. On March 1, 1893 in Lehigh one of the twin girls died and shortly after that on April 5th Georgia died. The surviving twin girl is now Lost in History. We are seeking information that would identify the the name of the surviving twin girl and her whereabouts after 1893. Posted REWARD $100. 

#6 Hannah R Large Whereabouts After1850 Berrien County, Michigan  Hannah (or Hamah) R Large was the youngest daughter of Joseph Large and Nancy Fugate. She was born in Clinton County, Ohio. in 1843/44. About 1845 her family moved to Berrien County, Michagan. She is captured in the 1850 Census as a 7 year old girl living with her parents, her two older brothers John and Harrison Perry, and her older sister Cerepta (mis-spelled Sereptha). In the 1860 Census she becomes lost in history and is not found with her parents, brothers and sister (now Serepta Pope) in the Township of Pipestone, Berrein County, Michigan. We are seeking any government, census, school, marriage or death record that would shed light on Hannah's life after 1850. Posted Reward $100.    

#7 Lillie Mae Large Whereabouts After 1920 Coalgate, Coal Co, OKla Lillie Mae Large was born July 1898 to Lewis E Large and his 2nd wife Cordelia Allen. Lewis and Cordelia's marriage record is 18 Aug 1894 in Fannin County, Texas. Lillie is first captured in the 1900 Census with her mother in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Lewis is already gone, most likely he is in Arkansas where he marries his third wife Texas Shelton on 4 Aug 1901. Lillie Mae shows up in the 1910 Census living with her uncle Tom Allen and her grandmother Mary Allen in Bryan County, Oklahoma. We last see Lillie Mae Large in the 1920 Census living with her mother Cordelia who now has a last name "House". The two of them are living in Coalgate, Coal County, Oklahoma.  Lillie is still single. In the 1930 Census we find Lillie and her mother missing. There is one report by a family member that Lillie may have been a school teacher. What is wanted is any government, school, marriage or death record that would shed light on Lillie's life after 1920. Posted Reward $100. 1/27/09 THIS REWARD Has Been Claimed in just over 1 Week's time. The Genealogy sleuth that broke the case was Leona Mastan representing the Coal County Genealogy Society of Coalgate, Oklahoma. Miss Lillie Large of Coalgate, OK. married John Lehman of Atoka, OK. The Atoka marriage license was issued 4 Dec 1926. Lillie was born 5 July 1899 and died 2 Feb 1988 in Atoka, OK. and is buried in Westview Cemetery, Atoka, Oklahoma.