Large Family Genealogy Research

Historical Documents of the Large Family

If you have important Documents that shed light on the Genealogy of the LARGE Family email them to for consideration. 

Clarance Birdie Large Smallwood Mason 1888-1964 Hand Written Genealogy Notes Down Load and View Clarence's Hand Written Genealogy Notes - PDF File (1.43 MB)

Esther Briscoe Large Flannery 1872-1956 Obituary, Funeral Book, & Death Certificate Down Load and View Esther's Funeral Documents = PDF File (638 KB)

Letter from William and Charity V (Large) Harrison 1866-1947 written to Emily (Pope) Large wife of John Large living in Kemp, Indian Territory, Oklahoma 29 Apr 1893 Down Load and View the 1893 letter from William and Charity - PDF File (322 KB)   

My Autobiogrphy by Ida Lee Booth 1938 with genealogy sketches of Lewis Large and his 3rd wife Texas Shelton, their daugher Arly Almeda Large, and Booth Family.  Down Load and View Ida Lee Booth's Handwritten Autobiography - PDF File (1.46 MB)