Large Family Genealogy Research

Joseph N. Large born 1807 NJ - Ancestors & Descendants

This site is dedicated to sharing the "Large Family" genealogy data which has been gathered over the last 7 years. This "add free" site is provided by Dr Pete Moore free of charge. If you have any Large Family related information or resaerch, pictures or true stories about Large's please feel free to email these to  

The main Genealogy Concerning the Large Family can be viewed by clicking on the following Family Line Link: Joseph Large rootsweb   

The earliest colonial ancestor of those Large's that eventually settled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is William Large and his wife Rebecca ________ . To view the ancestory information beginning with William Large click on the following Family Line Link: 1635 Immigrant William Large rootsweb 

The earliest colonial record documenting the arrival of the Large's on American soil is the 1635 hand written record of the Hingham, Massachusetts town clerk, Daniel Cushing. He wrote (photograph) :


Sources : "Extracts from the Minutes of Daniel Cushing of Hingham with a Photograph of His Manuscript", Press of John Wilson and Son, Boston, 1865, p15. "Address Delivered to the Town of Hingham on the 28th of September, 1835, Being the 200th anniversary of the Settlement of the Town", Solomon Lincoln, 1835, p43. 

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